It is no secret that the city of Miami is the capital of sailing in the United States and the perfect place for anyone looking to become the proud owner of a superyacht. For many, owning a yacht is the symbol of financial success and accomplishment, but some people don’t settle for the average and dream big. There is no better representation of dreaming big then owning a superyacht. Anyone who finds themselves sailing one of these mansions of the water will surely feel the power and prestige that comes with owning one of these majestic vessels.

What Is a Superyacht?

Many people new to the world of sailing might be perplexed at what the difference is between an ordinary yacht and a superyacht? The term superyacht applies to any privately-owned yacht that is over 80 feet in length. Miami is home to several marinas and thousands of registered yachts. The market is so big that “the National Marine Manufacturers Association reported that the $36 billion U.S. boating industry is seeing some of its highest sales in nearly a decade, especially yachts.” (Waymer, J., & Price, W. T. (2017, May 27)

With such a high concentration of boats in South Florida and such a big market for yacht enthusiasts, it shouldn’t be hard to find a superyacht for sale. Finding the right superyacht for sale might seem like a daunting task, but this article is dedicated to providing all the details any newcomer might need. From old classics to new modern-day renditions, there is a superyacht for everyone’s particular taste in mind. With celebrities from all over the world owning there very own superyachts, it doesn’t take a genius to know the rich and famous are fans of these superyachts.

The never-ending list of celebrities that have fallen in love with sailing the world’s oceans in their luxurious superyachts is never-ending. Some of the more notable names on this list include:

Johnny Depp and his 47-meter-long yacht – Vajoliroja


Tiger Woods and his 47-meter-long yacht – Privacy


Steven Spielberg and his 86-meter-long superyacht- Seven Seas, which is valued at 3 billion dollars.

Seven Seas

5 of the Best Superyachts on the Market

Not all superyachts are created equal, and nobody knows that better than Galvez Yachts USA. Galvez Yachts USA has been a cornerstone in the South Florida yacht community for the past three decades. When it comes to maintaining and repairing yachts of all kind, Galvez Yachts USA is one of the most reputable companies in the South Florida region. Galvez Yachts USA has lent us their years of knowledge to see what goes into building these floating mansion and to help compile this list of the top five superyachts currently on the market. 

Building a superyacht is a long and complicated process that requires experts to help achieve the buyer’s vision. A variety of specialists and entities need to work together in unison to accomplish a new superyacht project. Among these specialists, a yacht designer and naval architect are required as well as a project manager. Once these elements have gone into motion, building a superyacht will be a truly memorable and unique experience.

Once the final product is completed, it’s imperative to have excellent maintenance and repair services to maintain it. Galvez Yachts has one of the most well-rounded repairs and maintenance services provided in the South Florida area. Galvez Yachts USA ensures you’re getting the top quality service for your home on the sea.

1. Project Odin

Project Odin

Project Odin is one of the most advanced and unique superyachts in existence today. The vessel is 110 meters of award-winning seamanship and design. The superyacht is currently valued on the market at $247,747,748 USD. Designer Diana Scott and Naval Architect McFarlane Ship-design are the masterminds behind Project Odin’s award-winning design.

The vessel is able to accommodate and host between 13-36 people on board thanks to the 18 cabins found on board. With a max speed of 21 knots, this vessel is excellence on the high seas.

2. Raptor by Bremer Vulkan AG

Raptor by Bremer Vulkan AG

The Raptor created by Bremer Vulkan AG is a 105meter superyacht with a current market price of $208,333,333 USD. The Raptor is a 2023 model hailing out of Germany. The sleek design is accompanied by two inboard diesel as well as an electric MTU model engines. The ship is made of a titanium steel hull and has 18 total cabins onboard, providing more than enough space for friends and family. The superyacht has a fuel capacity of 105668.82 gallons, but the introduction of the electric engines shows Bremer’s commitment to green energy alternatives.

3. The Grand Ocean by Blohm & Voss

The Grand Ocean by Blohm & Voss

The Grand Ocean by Blohm & Voss is one of the classic vintage superyachts of the 1990s. This model was built in 1990 and is 80.2 meters of floating nostalgia reminiscent of a South Florida long gone. The current sale price for this superyacht is $55,180,180 USD. The superyacht has 18 cabins and can accommodate a crew of 22 people for any journey. It has a steel hull and has a deep emphasis on both the interior and exterior.

Martin Francis undertook to create the white exterior design as well as installing the helipad on top of the yacht. Alberto Pino oversaw designing the interior of the yacht holding true to the Miami Vice aesthetic.

4. The Lady A by Nishi Shipyard

The Lady A by Nishi Shipyard

Nishi Shipyard’s The Lady A is a maritime classic and jewel for anyone lucky enough to own this classic superyacht. The superyacht is a classic 55.20m long mansion on the water that was used frequently by the rich and famous of the 1980s. This model was built in 1986 and is currently on sale in the market for the price of $15,765,766 USD. The vessel is run by two CAT 3516 B caterpillar engines, which allow for a max speed of 16 knots.

The vessel contains a total of 14 cabins and can accommodate 27 people including guests and crew. The vintage 1980s design the vessel has is thanks to Laurent Giles and Jon Bannenberg who designed the ship’s exterior. The interior design setup was a dual project undertaken by Bannenberg and the design company Design Unlimited.

5. The ALTINEL 213′ Steel by Altinel Shipyards


The Altinel 213’ Steel by Altinel Shipyards is one of the most groundbreaking superyachts in the world today. The Altinel is 65 meters long and contains some of those most technologically advanced navigating systems seen on superyachts today. The vessel is a 2021 model and has a current value price on the market at $64,752,252 USD. The vessel is made up of a steel hull and has features such as a helipad located on top of the vessel.

The exterior is a sleek white design with an impressive navigation system, which towers over the vessel. The superyacht contains 14 guestrooms and is capable of accommodating 18 crew members for a world-class experience. The Altinel is powered by MTU engines one of the leading yacht engine makers in the world. With MTU engines the Altinel can reach speeds of 17 knots.

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