Sailing in South Florida

Whenever a Floridian is born in a coastal area, a christened boat simultaneously rises fully formed out of the sea. Just kidding! That’s just a romantic myth you can tell your date.

While not everyone in Florida is equally enthusiastic about getting out on the water, being in South Florida certainly makes it easy if you are. In both sailing and cruising, knowing the best locales will help make the most of your boat. To kindle romance on the waves, it’s not just a good idea to plan an excellent route — it’s pivotal.

Let’s plan a perfect sailing date.

Why Boat Dates Are a Must If You Live in South Florida

Boat Dates

Just as a rock climber seeks the mountains and a gearhead longs for the open road, the sea will call out to sailors. You’ll likely be able to find many a boating enthusiast in somewhere like South Florida.

For the dedicated sailor, a boat date is a must whether it’s the third date with a romantic interest or the 300th date with your longtime partner. Share this important part of your life with an important person in your life. You could even go so far as to look into yacht weddings South Florida may have available if the call of the ocean affects you both profoundly.

But as we’ve established, not all babies are born to ride into the sunset on a catamaran.

Those who are more casually interested in sailing might find this type of date to be an excellent opportunity to bond and grow together. The thrill of a fresh experience and the charm of the sun and the salty ocean provide the ideal setting for any date.

Engaging with a club like Sailing Singles of South Florida could be a good way to meet like-minded sailing enthusiasts. And of course, doing all your own sailing isn’t even a prerequisite for a boat date situation — chartering is an option or a rental vessel. 

What Are the Best Times of Year for a Boat Date?

  • November
  • December
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • Sometimes April

Theoretically, your sailing date could be accommodated any time of year if favorable conditions hold out. Florida’s waters are often relatively laid back.

Concerns come during our rainy season, late spring until the middle of autumn, and our annual hurricane season which roughly coincides, from June until the end of October. But of course, this is also time for summer fun in the sun.  While our waters may play nice, our weather fights dirty.

Locals (or anyone planning to be on the water during this period) should keep an eye on weather patterns moving through and indications of upcoming extreme weather events. Making boat plans during this time isn’t impossible by any means, but it may take a little luck, good humor, and backup plans.

What Do You Bring on a Boat Date?

boat picnic

Specifics ultimately come down to the kind of boat date you’re going on. Sunbathing and a picnic near shore on the deck of a small craft? Is cooking in the galley involved? Did you guys decide a deep sea fishing date was really what you were both after?

Whatever the case, you will generally want: 

  • Snacks and drinks (remember their favorites)
  • Sunscreen and towels (perhaps you can help apply?)
  • A waterproof Bluetooth speaker will work wonders 
  • A change of clothes has never hurt
  • For an extra dash of romance, try bringing along a little surprise that your partner didn’t mention at all but would adore in this situation

And if it’s only the two of you, sans crew, just keep in mind that it is illegal and unwise to operate a boat while under the influence.

Otherwise, pack up according to your plans. Double check. Stock the vessel with the usual necessities for a safe day on the water.

How to Prepare for a Boat Date

Take a shower, put on one dab of breezy cologne, and give yourself a pep talk in the mirror.

Kidding again, sort of! To prepare for a sailing date, you should focus on prepping even more than yourself. If either the date or the environment goes awry, you need contingency plans already in place.

Inspect your vessel, including those safety necessities. Clean it. Check your pumps and tanks, and any problem areas like props or electrical, then handle resupply and maintenance on anything that isn’t shipshape.

If you discover an issue a little bigger than you can tackle, here at Galvez Yachts USA we offer a range of boat repair services. From bottom jobs and epoxy to your drive and generator, consider us your first step in date prep. Remember the boat may need a little extra loving itself before it can help you find love.

Romantic Sailing Locations in South Florida

Romantic Sailing Locations

Finally, it comes time to chart the day’s course. Here’s our sampling of the best romantic locales when sailing Florida’s southernmost waterways. No matter your tastes, we’ve tried to provide something to suit them.

1) Dry Tortugas National Park

For the experienced ocean adventure couple with serious rapport, a day trip sailing out of Key West into Dry Tortugas National Park should be unforgettable.

You’ll have to navigate the park’s tourists, and really, this isn’t a very laid back date for early on. But if you both appreciate each other’s company and a more active kind of romance, there are plenty of ways to lazily unwind back on Key West when you’re done exploring the natural wonders of the Dry Tortugas.

2) Fort Lauderdale’s Intracoastal Waterway

You may not know this, but Fort Lauderdale is the Venice of America. You can ask any proud Fort Lauderdale-ian.

Waterways traverse the city in such a way that the Intracoastal can offer you views of opulent waterfront architecture and the jubilant nightlife of Las Olas Boulevard. There are plenty of opportunities to dock directly, from restaurants to accommodations, so this might be one boat date that best spills over into the next day.

3) Peanut Island Park

Let us not forget Palm Beach County. If you’re looking for experiences a little farther north but still within the realm of South Florida, or if you relish a bit of exploring with your honey, Lake Worth’s Peanut Island may scratch that itch.

Once you sail in, Peanut Island honestly doesn’t have a whole lot to its name,  but like the Dry Tortugas, could make an excellent stopover for couples interested in a more lenient boat date kind of day. What could be sweeter than spending time together boating, walking island trails, picnicking, and diving?

4) Biscayne Bay

A quintessential Miami boat spot, perfect for relaxing on the gentle waves with your partner. There is plenty else to do around Biscayne if boating was just one part of the master plan.

Access to the Bay requires renting or chartering, however, rather than enjoying the comforts of your own vessel. They make up for it with a vast variety of possibilities if you’re willing to forego a one-on-one time for this boat date.

5) Key West’s Mallory Square

Another quintessential spot and greatest hit for the Key West area. The Square’s sunset celebration festivities, paired with the magnificent sunset itself dipping below the horizon where the sea meets the sky, are the perfect way to wrap up a fulfilling Key West day.

Board your boat after poking around the celebration and sail into the ultimate romantic evening under the sunset, which soon melts into a night under the moon and stars.

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