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  • June 10, 2019
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There isn’t a better feeling than the South Florida sun and sea breeze while you’re out on your yacht. While owning a boat seems like the ultimate symbol of a carefree life, your yacht does require care, maintenance, and repair.

Maintaining your yacht should be a top priority to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. There are telltale signs of trouble you can spot on your own, but it’s always best to visit a boat mechanic at any number of marine repair shops.

Signs That Your Yacht Needs Maintenance

Before moving straight to the yacht repair stage, you should be on the lookout for symptoms of disrepair. While a marine mechanic can spot these for you, knowing these major signs is imperative for any qualified captain.

  • Issues with Steering

If your wheel is stuck in its position or it’s just difficult to steer, you should take your yacht to a marine mechanic. This could be a mechanical issue or a problem with your hydraulic fuel lines.

  • Overheating Engine

An overheated engine could be caused by various complications: a broken drive belt, a water-cooling loop failure, a hole in a hose or just an old engine. To truly identify the cause, it’s best to research boat repairs near me.

  • Sputtering or Complete Loss of Power

Your first thought may be that you’re low on gas, but it is likely that inconsistencies in or lack of power are a sign you need a boat mechanic ASAP. This could signify an issue with your yacht’s spark plugs or filters. Call for boat service near me to avoid slowing to a stop in the middle of a ride.

  • Stronger Than Usual Vibration

Intense vibration is usually due to a propeller problem. Damaged blades can lead to an imbalanced boat, which can cause your yacht to shake. The best solution is to phone a boat mechanic since this type of damage can be hard to spot if you’re not a professional.

Other signs your boat should be taken to a boat mechanic near me include failure to start your yacht and water leaks. Most marine repair shops can take care of these issues, and you should regularly refer to this maintenance checklist to keep your yacht in tip-top shape.

What to Look for in a Yacht Maintenance Company

When looking for boat repairs near me, make sure the shop offers full-service yacht repairs, from mechanical to cosmetic. This includes fiberglass repair near me, paint jobs, and even custom molds. This will leave your yacht feeling and looking brand new.

A sure sign that marine repair near me is optimal is recognition from yacht manufacturing companies. Whether the shop is a certified reseller or a service point, official acknowledgment from big boat brands signifies high-quality work and experience.

It’s also important that the boat repair Miami shop you choose maintains quality communication and customer service. Scheduling appointments should be easy, and convenience is a must for marine repair shops near me.

Best Boat Repair Shops in Miami

Finding the best marine repair near me can feel challenging at first. After all, you want only the most professional boat mechanic near me for your beautiful boat.

Listed below are some of the top marine repair shops near me. You won’t need to look any further for reliable advice on boat repair Miami.

  • Voodoo Marine

If you’re located in Coral Gables, Voodoo Marine is an excellent option for boat repair near me. This shop specializes in engine diagnostics, engine rebuilds, and your yacht’s electrical components. Voodoo is also an authorized resale dealer of brands such as Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno, and others.

  • Next Level Marine

This shop offers full-service boat repair near me, including hydraulics, plumbing, electrical parts, and more. Warranty services are available for certain brands like Riviera Yachts and Vitifrigo. Established in 2003, Next Level Marine has over a decade and a half of experience in yacht repair.

BoatWorks specializes in maintenance and repair for all sorts of diesel and gas engine yachts. This shop offers a wide range of services including fiberglass repair near me, mechanical maintenance and more. Located near the North Miami Beach Marina, BoatWorks is conveniently placed and available 24/7.

With a full shipyard to offer, RMK Merrill-Stevens specializes in refitting and repairing yachts. These boat mechanics near me offer several licensed brands to choose from, and they are also part of a number of marine associations, including The Marine Council and the US Superyacht Association.

Galvez guarantees strong attention to detail and professional service. Offering a wide variety of boat service near me from custom molds to structural damage repair, Galvez has become a leader in the yacht repair industry. This company is a designated World Wide Service Point for Ferretti Yachts as well.

Founded 17 years ago, Galvez is a top choice for yacht repair. CEO Juan Galvez boasts decades of experience, meaning professionalism, excellent customer service, and impeccable repair jobs are guaranteed.

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